Let’s get the tires rolling….

Hello to anyone that happens to stumble upon this page.  I’m not sure that I even know what I am going for by starting this blog, but I do believe that eventually it will find its place.  By now, between both the info about me and the title of this blog, you have figured out that I am a paramedic.  I work in a small town, and deal with rural EMS on a full time basis, which is rare considering the size of our town.  I graduated about a year and a half ago from a two year program, and was hired full time with the ambulance service that gave me my first job fresh out of college.
I still feel very green and “tacky” behind the ears.  I’m hopeful that there are a few of you out there that are in the same boat as me and would like to chat and debate about the future of EMS, as well as new things and current issues in our field.  It would be nice to gain perspective from all over the state and country!
First topic:

I would like to hear from anyone about issues with drug shortages.  Are you currently dealing with this issue, or is it not affecting you?  How do you get your drugs, and have you had to cut back on what you use in your ambulances?


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