Uh Oh…

Have you ever had a moment in your career that made you stop and go “uh oh?” I ran across a story today that made me realize how important it is to check and double check interventions and medications. Apparently there was a paramedic that gave a wrong medication to a patient. Has this ever happened to you or a co-worker? Think about this, how close in size are the medications D50 and Sodium Bicarbonate? When out of the box and put sde by side in a dark room, could you tell them apart? So say you couldn’t, and you ended up giving your patient the sodium bicarb instead of the D50? Now what happens? Do you record it in your report and notify the hospital or, since it’s just you in the back, do you “sweep it under the rug” and pretend it didn’t happen? Think about how easy that would be. No one is there except you or the patient….

Hopefully this wouldn’t be the case. Hopefully you check and double check your medications and give things a second glance before proceeding. In our line of work, when it’s balls to the wall and things are happening super fast, its easy for something like this to happen. Just goes to show you, you can’t ever be too careful. Watch your step, and don’t rely on your partner to catch everything.

Keep your IV catheters bevel up,


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