It’s been a while….

So I have realized that it has been a while since my last post. I have found that my P90x ritual was insane because of the schedule I have with my job. But I have continued with running 45-60 minutes a day and lifting weights. Hoping this will help guide me in the right direction!

Speaking of jobs, I had a breakdown at mine a week ago. I had been feeling overwhelmed for quite some time and finally decided to talk to my boss about it. He was great, listening to my concerns and giving me guidance. I finally feel ok with not being at the office every day from 8-5 among other things. I think I just needed that verification that I wasn’t expected to be there all of the time on top of doing my shifts. So I am much relieved and feeling renewed. Has anyone else felt that way? Have you had a boss that was willing to sit down with you and just talk about things? I do feel blessed to have that in my job.

We have also been struck with difficulty getting medications for our ambulance service. Many have no idea that this is even an issue. Has your service run into this as well? What is your contingency plan for it?

Here’s to some awesome shifts!


It’s the little things….

This week has been a rather long one.  To start off, I am taking a recovery day today from my P90x workouts.  With as sore as I am feeling and the ibuprofen and heat not really helping, I figure it’s warranted.  Besides, I work tomorrow and don’t want to be completely worthless!  It’s been really tough, but it’s starting to stick.  I feel like my soreness is an indication of all of the right things I am doing.  I have also taken to adding more protein to my diet and limiting carbs.  Hopefully this will help as well, despite my vegetarian tendencies!  Has anyone tried the shakeology shakes, or a meal replacement shake with their workouts?  I am very curious as to how they taste and if you feel that they help.


A sad, sad week for our EMS people in Iowa.  A medical helicopter based at Mercy Medical Center – North Iowa crashed Wednesday night, killing the pilot, flight nurse, and flight paramedic.  I have had the great honor of having Russ teach me during my paramedic class.  I learned all I needed to know about PALS from him.  He loved to ask hard questions and make you sure of your answer, whether they were right or wrong.  Shelly was a nurse that I encountered many times during my EMS career.  Those two were an amazing team.  They will be missed greatly by everyone that they had encountered in their short lives.  It definitely makes you take a step back and look at your own life.  Hopefully you have found a job that makes you feel like it’s not work, are surrounded by wonderful friends and family, and can honestly say that you are proud of what you have done.


Be safe my fellow brothers and sisters in firefighting and EMS.

The somewhat pudgy paramedic.

So many of us in this line of work tend to surrender themselves to the world of fast food and bad choices when it becomes to our health.  I have always struggled with my health and weight.  When I was in high school, my weight was very high.  In college I gained the freshman 25, and the weight ever seemed to come off.  Eventually I got fed up and started swimming for an hour every day.  I am very much a fish, and love the water.  This gateway totally opened me up to a new world of being active and I loved it!  I have lost over 100 pounds, and am very proud of that goal.  After my hospitalization in October, I have noticed just how weak I am again.  Plus a few pounds have creeped on.  Add on the fact that my fiancé and I are headed towards our wedding day in November, I’m starting to feel a pinch.  Now I am not necessarily looking to lose weight, as I am satisfied with where I am scale-wise.  I am however looking to gain my strength back.  I never knew how incredibly weak I would feel post hospital stay.  The doctor figures I won’t be back to 100% until March.  I am not satisfied with that, so here I am, beginning this journey!  I have done the P90x workouts before, but am starting the program again.  This time, I am focusing on pushing myself and gaining my strength back.


We have such a physically demanding job, and just “getting by” isn’t good enough for me.  I am looking to pack carrots and lots of protein and whatnot, and charge ahead.  If there is anyone who is looking to roll with me, follow along.  My goal is to post a little something everyday.  I like the idea of holding myself accountable, and having a place to piss and moan when I am sore, tired, and the pager isn’t cooperating with my workouts.  So, piss and moan away with me!  Lets kick the fast food bs, start packing lunches (and save money!) and forge ahead.


Day 1-Chest and Back, Ab Ripper X

Today was my wake up call with how weak I really am.  The first time I went through this, I was able to make it through the workout with decent weights and even did every single 25 count ab workout.  Today, not so much.  Chest and Back went actually decent, but when I made it to the Ab Ripper X workout, holy mother.  I couldn’t even make it all the way through.  That’s when I got pissed.  I am 26, how can I seriously not make it through?  But, thinking back to what the doctor said, I have to remember to take it a day at a time.  I will be stronger at the end of this, and that’s all that matters.  So tomorrow is a new day (actually a 24 hour shift, half with the fiancé) so here’s to Plyo!  Go kick some ass peeps….