It’s been a while….

So I have realized that it has been a while since my last post. I have found that my P90x ritual was insane because of the schedule I have with my job. But I have continued with running 45-60 minutes a day and lifting weights. Hoping this will help guide me in the right direction!

Speaking of jobs, I had a breakdown at mine a week ago. I had been feeling overwhelmed for quite some time and finally decided to talk to my boss about it. He was great, listening to my concerns and giving me guidance. I finally feel ok with not being at the office every day from 8-5 among other things. I think I just needed that verification that I wasn’t expected to be there all of the time on top of doing my shifts. So I am much relieved and feeling renewed. Has anyone else felt that way? Have you had a boss that was willing to sit down with you and just talk about things? I do feel blessed to have that in my job.

We have also been struck with difficulty getting medications for our ambulance service. Many have no idea that this is even an issue. Has your service run into this as well? What is your contingency plan for it?

Here’s to some awesome shifts!


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