Beginning Again

Hello blog world. It’s been awhile….

The past year has found me in many different places. I have gone from planning a wedding to single, with a dog and many more bills. I have gone from dreaming about a family and kids to a second hospital stay involving a tube down my throat and the realization that those who claim your friendship aren’t always in your corner.

Life as paramedic has been rather swell however. My year has thrown many different challenges, and has forced me to become a better healthcare provider as well. My hope is to take more classes and get closer to flight medic status. I feel very privileged to be a paramedic in a rural community. The 20 minute transport time forces me to think outside the box and treat my patients for an extended period of time. It makes me almost feel bad for those that don’t get that opportunity.

My recent hospital stay has had me thinking about my career quite a bit. I can’t help but wonder if my epiglottitis isn’t compounded by my job. But I have a team of 5 specialists working to figure things out. Appointment on Monday, woo! :-). Here’s to getting some answers on my reoccurrent bouts of epiglottitis…..


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